The garden grows!
Japanese Maples, and an abundance of plants & foliage reveal themselves in full splendour. So many tones of green, red, purple and pink can be seen all around the garden.
Late flowering plants show off their blossoms in early Summer.
Japanese Maples show off their array of leaf shapes and colours in over 100 varieties. Bamboos whisper in gentle summer breezes. Dragonflies & damselflies hover over the swimming Koi. The garden enjoys its warmest weather and plants and trees grow quickly during this time of year. The high temperatures warm the water and the Koi enjoy showing off their bright colours as they prepare to breed during the summer months.
This season has a feeling of vibrancy and abundance as everything is growing to its maximum. Nature can be seen holding nothing back at this time and there is a sense of delight and visual excitement. It is a time of encouragement and motivation.