The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Bamboo comes in many varieties and we have a number of these growing in the garden.

Bamboo is renowned for being a rampant, fast growing plant which can take over your garden if its not suitably maintained. Often this means it needs to be contained and/or regularly pruned.

None of the Bamboo growing in the Japanese Garden is growing in a container – it is in the ground – however some of our pathways are solid concrete underground to a substantial depth; allowing it to act as a  diversion to some of the most rampant varieties.

Please see below for a list of the Bamboo varieties that we are currently growing in the garden – Please Note: we do not currently stock many of these varieties for sale –





Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda (Walking stick bamboo)

Height 3 m. Hardy to -13 C. Light Shade. Rampant; fast spreading and prolific.

Pronounced and distinct nodules making it a very attractive bamboo species. 


Chimonobambusa Quadrangularis [Thamnocalamus quadrangularis]

Leaf 15cm x 1.2cm,  5-7 per branch. Canes green to brown, rectangular, thick stems.

Height 13m [in container 1-3m per root space]. Hardy to -13C. Sun to semi-shade. Moderate spread


Phyllostachys Aurea – Golden Bamboo

Canes yellow in sun, green in shade. Hardy to -18C. Height 4m. Ideal hedge/alone/container

Thickening basal internodes resembles god of happiness, Hotei. Chinese name ‘Hotei Chiku’


Phyllostachys Aureo–Sulcata Spectabilis

Canes yellow with green groove. Height 5m. Non-invasive. Hardy


Phyllostachys Nigra (Black Bamboo)

Canes green at first,  later shiny black. Height 2.5-5m. Very moderate spread. Hardy to -18C

Individual plant, container plant. Sun.


Pleioblastus Chino

Leaf 20 x 2cm. Height 4m. Hardy to – 25C. May be useful in cold or woodland situations.


Pleioblastus Simonii ‘Heterophyllus’ (Common name: Medake)

Leaf variable width, some striped with white. Height 4m. Hardy. Spread rampant.

Use: hedge. Speciality: different leaves on same plant. Reported to be very tolerant of salt air.


Pleioblastus Pygmaeusdistichus [Nana]

Leaf 7cm x 0.8cm. Spread rampant. Ground cover, pot-plant. Sun to semi-shade.

Height 0.6m. Hardy to -23C


Pleioblastus Variegatus (Dwarf white-stripe bamboo)

Height 80cm (30 inches). Leaf variegated with a white stripes. Slow spreading. Stems and branches near the base.


Sasa Palmata

Leaf 30cm long, 10cm wide, leathery. Green culm, black marks, white mealy bloom.

Height 2m. Sun to full shade. Invasive. Individual, hedge. Hardy to -30C


Sasa Veitchii

Leaf 25cm long, 5cm wide, leathery, dark green, white drying edge towards autumn.

Height 1.5m (5ft). Hardy to -23C. Spreading. Full shade. 

Evergreen. Slow spreading. Soon develops white edges. Stems, often a purple colour, produce a single branch at each node. Nodes produce a white powder, which appears beneath.


Yushania Anceps

Leaf 10 x 1cm. Upright to arching when mass of tiny leaves forms. Shiny green canes.

Height 4m. Hardy to -18C. Semi-shade, moist, sheltered. Grows rapidly