The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Things To Do

St Mawgan village is where The Japanese Garden is situated but we are not the only business based in this beautiful little place!

The top of the village is home to Newquay Airport but as you descend into the village you will find not only The Japanese Garden ready to greet you, but also several other fun locations that may well be worth you visiting.

Here are a few places we think you might enjoy –


  • The park – just opposite our car-park you will find a children’s play area and field perfect for the kids to burn off some steam.
  • The Interesting Things – Craft shop – as you exit our car park, turn right and just past the public toilets  over the little bridge you will spot the craft shop on your right. There are a variety of interesting things to check out in there and always nice to shop.
  • The Falcon Inn Public House – Turn right out of our car park and over the bridge; turning left until past the church and the pub can be found on your left  – The Falcon also have a car park (turn left by Hawkeys cafe and its immediately on the right up a small hill) – there is a magnificent magnolia tree in their beer garden – you can miss it! If you fancy a drink or some lovely food – you have indoor and outdoor seating  options.
  • Hawkeys Cafe – Right next to the Falcon Inn pub you will find Hawkeys cafe. Offering a range of food and drinks and some delicious ice-creams too!
  • The Post Office Tea Room and garden – Just before you reach Hawkeys Cafe turn left and you will see the Post office – just to the right there is a road that leads to the entrance to the Tea room garden on your left – if you are driving there is a car park just past the entrance. The Tea room garden is a beautiful place to visit if you enjoy your plants and it has a lovely indoor seating area too. Perfect for a nice cream tea!
  • Carnantan Woods – if you enjoy a walk or have a dog that would enjoy a woodland walk – Carnantan woods is just the place to go. The entrance to the woods is just past the Tea-room and Post office to the right and as you reach the car park there is a walkway up to you right which brings you to a kissing gate (not possible to get buggies through sadly).


We hope that you enjoy your visit to St Mawgan and get to enjoy some of the many places listed above.

If you are hoping to visit any of the local businesses – please check their websites for opening times and services offered (we cannot take any responsibility for the content of these websites).