Bonsai & Plant Stock In August 2022

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2022 is another strange year in terms of Bonsai stock and although we are doing our best to provide a wide selection of species and sizes as we always have, there are definite gaps in our collection – primarily Specimen Japanese imports!


Since the pandemic began at the beginning of 2020 we have seen an astounding increase in the prices of Bonsai. It has been nothing short of remarkable the price increases. This, we have been told, is due to the transportation costs sky rocketing from China and Japan and a huge increase in demand for Bonsai in the last 2 years. It is a fantastic hobby and one which many people took up during lockdown we think.

We have done our best to absorb some of the price rises, but ultimately most varieties have sadly gone up in price. That being said, we have been creative with what varieties to stock and we have managed to stock many new species – some allowing us to offer Bonsai at similar prices to previous years (just different varieties).

What we have noticed is that the Japanese specimen trees are now priced at frightening prices making them unaffordable. We are talking quadrupling in price from previous years.

As a result our UK supplier has been unable to buy in a selection for us to choose from, fearing that no-one will buy them at these prices. Understandable, but frustrating. We have a selection of specimens Bonsai available but our stock of these beautiful trees is definitely low – we haven’t inflated our prices since the pandemic began and as a result we have sold a huge percentage of them!

Our show trees (pictured in some of the photos below) are no-longer for sale as they would now be too expensive to replace!


Our Chinese Bonsai stock is currently great and we have a large variety of species to suit a range of budgets. Our trees come with a free ‘Bonsai Care Guide’ written by us which gives advice on all the basic needs of a Bonsai and some information about the art side too.


We have also had a large succulent delivery so we have a range of beautiful plants available for anyone who wants an ‘easy to look after’ plant!


Hope this has been informative for everyone – its still a weird time but things are definitely settling down (in terms of Bonsai availability) and hopefully prices will return to some semblance of ‘normal’ in the future (we can but hope!)


Check out the latest pics of our Bonsai and plant selection below –