The Garden In September

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Autumn is coming!

As the summer holidays draw to an end the garden is beginning its fantastic colour change as the new season of autumn approaches.
The first leaves are starting to drop from their branches, the sycamores in particular; with their bright green foliage now turning to yellows and oranges and their star shaped leaves descending from up high and floating their way down to the ground.
The garden looks distinctly different in the autumn months; as the flowers and blossoms disappear and the bright greens and reds of the leaves now transition into deeper shades of yellow, orange and purple.
There is a feeling of change present in the garden now. Whilst the summer brings an excitement and a vibrancy, the autumn, although more subdued in tonality, offers a peace and relaxed energy that is very different to any other time of year.
The cooler air, the dipping daylight, the frequent raindrops, the colour changes, even the sounds are modified by the season.
We are just broaching this time of year now, and even though i will miss the summer and all the joy that this time brings the plants, i am excited to see the amazing changes that happen in this amazing place.
Over the course of September i will endeavour to keep up the photography weekly to show you the changes in colour.
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