Nature never stands still and yet it is consistently beautiful and inspiring. It never ceases to amaze me how the garden develops throughout the seasons and the changes in colours, textures and architecture always delights. The Garden is constantly changing as the trees and plants react to the flow of the seasons but even the light throughout a single day can transform the visual space. This Blog is really my photo diary of the garden and our trees as I visit throughout the year; please enjoy looking through and reading about my time spent in the garden




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  • Covid-19  created many challenges for the Bonsai industry particularly with distribution as the demand has been so high. As a result many of our usual stocked species may be 'Out of stock' but luckily we have managed to acquire a variety of Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai at our nursery for the 2023 season.
  • Our specimen Bonsai selection was massively reduced over the last 2 seasons due to demand (and the fact we did not inflate our prices in line with the rising Bonsai prices)  but we still have several in stock. Japanese specimen trees will hopefully be supplied later this season but we have been warned that prices have rises sharply.
  • We recently had a selection of Japanese grown Bonsai arrive in a variety of price points (a few Japanese maples, Satsuki Azaleas and Junipers).


  • Please get in touch if you are looking for a specific tree or species.