September In The Garden

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Autumn is definitely in the air here at the Japanese Garden in Cornwall! There is a slight chill to the air, even on a beautiful sunny day like today and leaves are beginning to fall all over the garden.

I always think of autumn as the messiest and most soulful time of year when the trees let go of their foliage and every breeze brings down more leaves.

The gardeners are fighting the tide at this time of year – as they clear an area of leaves and then just moments later more fall 🍂  

As we reach the middle of September and the garden begins its gradual seasonal change; I feel such strong emotion when I visit.

Autumn has a nostalgic quality which always makes me feel more emotional when I am surrounded by nature.

The trees are animated with the falling leaves and there is a sense that letting go of things previously held on to is the right thing to do.

Today the sun came out and the garden was bathed in golden light when the clouds lifted away from the overcast skies of this morning.

This time of year tends to be all about awaiting the Japanese maples for their spectacular colour change – which usually comes by the later part of October (for the peak).

Pines and architectural shapes are also beautiful to admire at this time of year as the leaves begin to drop away from the trees.

It has been another crazy season so far for 2021 here at the garden and sometimes I cant believe we have managed to navigate so many challenges that the pandemic has thrown our way – but we have!

Thanks to our wonderful visitors and their understanding we have survived the busiest summer here in Cornwall and made it to September and the beginning of autumn.

Thank you to you all and hope we see many of you again this year before we close for winter on October 31st 2021.