Rain Rain Beautiful Rain

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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This month has seen the garden totally soaked in rain water! It has been much needed and the garden has been refreshed by the moisture with all the foliage looking luscious and shiny 💖

Today I enjoyed a slow stroll around the garden as the rain drizzled around me. It was absolutely lovely. I am a totally Rain-Lover and I always find the garden so atmospheric when the water is pattering on all the leaves and I feel like I’m transported a million miles away from the hub-bub of busy life. The sun has been shining so much throughout the spring and now the Summer months are beginning the rain has finally caught up with us and the garden couldn’t be happier 😊

There are still a few flowers to be seen in the garden (a couple of Japanese Azaleas, the Candelabra Primulas, and the Arum Lillies plus a few irises), but now the real show stoppers are the Japanese Maples and fantastic array of Bamboo species. The garden has over 100 varieties of Acers growing and at least 10 different varieties of Bamboo.

The Japanese Garden has been so busy this year and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors. Please check out the photos I shot today – pictured below –