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Bonsai is an attempt at creating the perfect miniature of a large tree. Scale and balance are central to the idea of a Bonsai.
How one chooses to practice bonsai is very much up to the individual and provided the horticultural needs of the tree are being met, the tree should continue to grow and change over time.
We are just beginning to send our Trees via Mail order and they are notoriously tricky to package as each one is unique, so for the time being we have only listed a small selection of our starter Bonsai for you to purchase. If you are local and would like to buy one of our more expensive specimens please email us to let us know what you after and we will do our best to arrange collection.
We are well-known for providing healthy Bonsai and plenty of advice and we will endeavour to provide the same standards now that we are offering mail order to you.
Each Bonsai comes with our ‘Bonsai Care Guide’ which will tell you everything you need to know to keep you new tree happy and healthy. Please see our ‘Bonsai’ and ‘Bonsai Guide’ pages for more information.



Mail Order currently unavailable - please keep an eye on our Blog and Social Media for updates