October Is Almost Here

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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I can’t believe that October is almost upon us!

The summer is now giving way to autumn and the first leaves are now starting to turn to their beautiful colours.

This time of year is always filled with emotion for me – the cooler temperatures make me reach for my wooly jumpers and I feel a sense of comfort from feeling warm in the cold outdoors.

Its also the time of year that the trees start to let go of their leaves and there is a nostalgia in the air as we say goodbye to summer.

Today I could have stayed in the garden all day – I felt like the small time I spent there today soothed my soul.

The Japanese maples are just starting to show the first signs of autumn and it will be just a few more weeks until we see the spectacular change.

Check out the photos I captured today – pictured below –