June In The Garden

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Well it has been a busy few weeks here at the Japanese Garden and we have had all sorts of weather; including a storm that took down a couple of trees, and the glorious summer sunshine we are having today!

The garden is flourishing with the Japanese Maples is full summer splendour and many of the Azaleas still mustering some beautiful pink blossoms. The spring colours are now being overtaken by their summer shades and the intense sunshine is helping them along.

Today i got a chance to walk the garden to take some photos and it was wonderful. Its been several weeks since i got the chance to visit and i have missed being in there!

Today the sun was bursting through the leaves of the maples and the foliage looked like it was glowing. The reds, greens and oranges look radiant when i look up through the canopy and although there is plenty of shade offered in the garden with all the big trees; when i stand in the sunlight i feel the heat on my skin. It is like a mid summer day!

We have had lots of deliveries this week – bringing some new outdoor statues, which look stunning and a large delivery of succulents too!

Our grafted Acer delivery has been delayed until this week – but we have been promised by our supplier that they will be on their way by the end of next week – so by next weekend (fingers crossed) they should be here! I will of course blog some pictures as soon as they arrive.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely warm weather and we look forward to seeing you soon!