Autumn Is Here

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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A week into October and the garden is already showing signs of the beautiful colour transformation that autumn always promises us.

A couple of the Japanese maples are already displaying the beginning colour change but most will likely turn towards the end of October or early November. Which is why we have adjusted our opening dates (same as last year) and are staying open to the public until November 15th so you guys will have the opportunity to see the garden at its most stunning autumnal colour pallet.

This year has been a surreal one for weather, with so much rain throughout the summer and then hot spells when the cooler temperatures have been expected. This has left gardeners and horticulturists wondering how the plants will behave as we approach autumn this year.

Hopefully the Japanese maples will give us the stunning display that we long for each year although we really aren’t sure exactly what to expect.

Today my visit to the garden included my little boy being pushed around in a buggy as I stopped and snapped my camera to grab a few shots as the garden was glowing in the sunshine.

My son was obsessed by the Koi as they swam around the pond as they gobbled up their afternoon snack. It’s been truly wonderful having some new fish in the pond after our losses a couple of years ago when we lost several of our biggest and most beautiful koi. The pond feels active and full of life when you see so many fish in so many colours and sizes all swimming together – even a little goldfish has somehow made its way into the pond and enjoys gliding around with the huge koi.

The Japanese maples always take centre stage at this time of year but the pines and evergreens also stand out as their presence and texture remains ever present as the rest of the plants change so dramatically around them.

The ‘Acer Palmatum Orange dream’ overhanging the koi pond is already looking almost rainbow coloured with its oranges, reds and greens look superb against the dark water.

Always one of the first maples to turn for autumn but it never disappoints.

I always look forward to the ‘Osakazuki’ by the bridge at the exit, which goes from green to the most vibrant red later in autumn – I always await its transformation each year and get excited as we get close to the time again – I expect this will be early November for those who want to see it, but keep an eye on the Blog as I will post about it.

Please check out my photos below –