10 Days Until We Reopen – Book A Visit Now

The Japanese Garden in Cornwall provides an authentic Japanese
garden design in an idyllic Cornish setting. Built as a meditative garden it is the perfect space where one can calm the mind & let go of unwanted stress through contemplation & reflection.


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Only 10 days to go before we open the Garden, Shop and nursery areas to the public.


All visits must be booked online in advance in timed slots.

Please click here to see our Booking calendar.


Its been a surreal few months being closed and we have missed everyone so much. Cant wait to reopen our doors in just a few days time and begin sharing the garden with you all!

We have been so busy getting everything ready for re-opening and making us Covid-Secure, so things will be a little different when you visit – the biggest change is that you now need to book a time-slot prior to your visit (the time slot is a 30 minute arrival window – so you can arrive safely. Once you are here you can stay as long as you like up to 6pm that day).

Here are the main changes:

Key points –

  • Pre booked tickets are now essential for ALL visitors, including Season Ticket Holders and children 3 years old +.
  • Tickets will be available to pre-book 14 days in advance of your visit and we ask that you book a time slot for your visit to help us maintain social distancing.
  • Bookings must be made online via the Booking Calendar.
  • Time-slots are 30 minutes (this is your arrival time – once you arrive for your visit you may stay as long as you like within opening hours) – you must arrive within the slot you choose when booking.
  • Groups can be up to 6 people in any 30 minute time-slot.
  • A £5.00 deposit will be required to secure your booking and the remaining entry fee for your group will be paid when you arrive for your visit.
  • Amending or cancelling your booking can be made up to 24 hours before your booked visit.
  • Visits to the Shop & Nursery (not the garden) will still need to be booked in advance – see ‘Important Information‘ for details.
  • We kindly ask that you keep a 2 meter distance from all staff and other garden visitors at all times.
  • Please wear a Face covering whilst inside the Shop for the safety of vulnerable people.
  • Please follow all directional signage, use the hand sanitisation points that are available.
  • Please postpone your visit to us if you or any other member of your household has displayed any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days.
  • Please love the Garden as much as we do and take your rubbish home; leave us only your footprints.



In order to keep customers safe during their visit to us we have introduced a new entry system.

When you arrive for your visit you will now walk to the left side of the Shop building and will be served through the side window to check in and pay your entry fee (instead of walking in to the shop via the double doors – as this is now the Exit only).

Being served via the side window will allow you to walk directly from the car-park to the window and straight on to the garden (all via the one-way system).

You will not enter the Shop until you return from the garden; the one-way system will lead you from the Garden Exit back to the Shop via the new pathway (built to bring you back from the garden through the Concrete area and back to the Shop).


The Garden

The garden is an outdoor space with very little indoor areas (Zen garden and symbolic Tea-house have roofs but are not fully enclosed). The garden is approximately 1 acre in size and has a myriad of pathways allowing visitors to wander in many different routs and directions. Because of this we have not implemented a one-way system in the main part of the garden except the entrance and exit walkways.


When you enter the garden from the entrance; you will be directed via a sign to follow the pathway to the left which will lead you into the garden by the Small waterfall. You will then be free to walk the garden pathways as you choose but we ask that you respect other visitors and maintain social distancing as set out in the Government guidance. Please keep your group together when visiting including children.


When you are ready to exit the garden you will see signs directing you to walk across the bridge and towards the exit gate which will lead you out of the garden and towards our new one way system that will bring you back to the nursery and shop. Please look for signs to direct you.


The Shop

The shop has been made Covid secure in line with government guidance with many markers to demonstrate the correct distance you need to give between yourself and others visiting. We ask that whilst in the Shop you wear a face covering (this is not expected of children or people with breathing difficulties).


The gift section of the shop we have implemented a one-way system and we ask that this be respected at all times.


We have put up screens around our counter and till areas to protect staff and visitors and we are providing visitors with self-serve packing bags so we can reduce the contact during purchases.


We ask that you only touch items you intend to purchase to reduce the risk of transference; we have attempted to display products as best we can so you will be able to view it without touching it.


Currently accepting payments via card, contactless and cash.


Please check out the garden pics I shot yesterday – I am a bit obsessed with the Koi carp especially as we have had a few beautiful new fish arrive with us –