September has arrived and we are already (almost) halfway through it!

The garden has welcomed the cooler temperatures and we are seeing some beautiful autumnal colours already from. many of the trees. Autumn is such a stunning season as the garden transforms from its bright greens and reds to intense shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. The Japanese maples are often the first to show off their autumn colours and this year is no exception!

Today I took a walk around the garden to soak up some much needed relaxation and I took my camera to capture a few shots in the sunshine. Autumn is one of the most atmospheric times of year I think- as the leaves begin their journey to change colour and finally drop from the branches.

Everywhere you look there is the feeling of change and the ground is decorated with falling leaves. I love autumn.

Have a look at the pictures I shot this morning and if you are planning a visit this season; make sure you come to see us before the end of October (which is when we close for the winter)


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The colours are just amazing this year! Our succulent collection is growing every year with new species being added such as the Black Prince Echeveria!

We typically stock our succulents in £4.50 and £2.50 sizes but not all the varieties come in both price ranges, so it is a first come, first serve situation!

We have got a few larger succulents this year priced at £7.50 and £12.50 but these are running out very quickly now!


Hope you enjoy your succulents as much as we do – they are so so easy to look after – so even those of you who are not very green figured can have great success with these weird and wonderful plants!


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This Summer has been the warmest and driest that i can remember! We have had so little rain and the sun has been shining almost everyday. For many gardens this would be worrying, but luckily for us, our trees and plants are now so mature that their roots run deep and as we are located at the bottom of the valley we still have some water underground to keep the garden looking its best.

Summer is always a lovely time of year when the warm temperatures give the plants a chance to grow in excess and everything in the garden has a fresh aesthetic as the foliage is expanding and stretching into the available spaces.

This year has been exceptionally warm and sunny and this has promoted huge amounts of growth from many of the species in the garden. Luckily we have some huge trees that shade areas of the garden from the fiercest sunlight so our more delicate plants, such as the Japanese maples, have been protected from such an abundance of sun.

Please check out the latest photos recently taken of the garden –


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The Summer is here and so is lots of our new stock!

We always like to find unusual, unique things for our shop and we have now stocked up for the summer time.

We have a selection of handmade Tree of Life gem trees which are supplied by a talented Cornish artist – which hang and catch the light in a variety of semi-precious stones.

I have been a bit obsessed with soaps this year so i have been busy cutting up a range of different soaps and creating perfect little gift bags. I have also bought in some amazing Flower Bouquets which amazingly look like beautiful bunches of flowers, but can be added to a warm bath and make for a lovely fragranced, relaxing tub!

We have had another Bonsai delivery which has allowed us to reduce some of our trees in a little BONSAI SALE! There are Figs, Podocarpus and Chinese Elms now reduced to £20.

And we have some new Tea-Sets, Tabletop screens, incense burners and oriental ornaments!

The shop is now looking very full!

Hope you enjoy visiting and checking out our new bits – lots of pictures below –


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August is here and the garden is in full Summer swing!

The sun has been shining virtually non-stop for months and we have had hardly any rain. Lucky for us – most of our plants are mature and deep rooted so they have coped brilliantly with the uncommonly hot temperatures.

I took a walk in the garden today and managed to capture a few shots of my partner hard at work by the Tea-house and i even caught a picture of his little helper (a baby Robin), which was keeping Stuart company whilst he worked.

The sun was out for parts of the day but there was a beautiful, breeze in the garden and the shaded areas were lovely and cool.

The garden is lush with green tones at this time of year in almost every shade imaginable, but there are still some flashes of colour, especially with some of the Japanese Maples offering orange, purple and red foliage. There are also some blue damsel flies flitting around the water, which is always lovely to watch.

Please enjoy the pictures i took today, shown below –


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