This week has seen a wonderful energy at The Japanese Garden, with many visitors enjoying the sunshine and coming to spend some relaxing time with us!
The warm weather has kept the garden basked in sunlight and the temperatures are encouraging everything to open up early. As a result the Azaleas are already blooming! And the Japanese Maples are showing off their spring colours ahead of last year by several weeks.
The response we have had to the garden over Easter has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been a joy to hear how touched people are by the place.
The garden is now showing off its flowers in abundance, so for those of you who love to see colourful blossoms, its a great time for a visit!
For the Tree-lovers among you; the Japanese Maples are already in leaf and some of the colours are just incredible right now.
The garden looks full of colour and vibrance and with the various species of azalea pickling the landscape with a range of vivid colours and flower-sizes the space is looking beautiful.
Check out some of my photos of the garden this week, below:
And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me and email.
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It has been another busy week here at The Japanese Garden. The sun has been shining and everyone who has visited has been smiling! Its been glorious!

The garden is looking so colourful; with the early Spring plants bursting in to life in the warm weather. The Japanese Maples are adding some fabulous shapes and colours to the landscape and it is making for a beautiful backdrop to many photographers.

This week we have had another photo shoot in the garden – this time for a clothing brand.

I was also told this week that I should put up more photos of our trusty, ginger mascot – Rupert the dog! So there are a couple of Rupe’s in here for you dog lovers!

Check out a few candid shots I caught this week – below:

Rupert always loves to say ‘hello’ and sometimes even sings to our visitors – he is the soppiest boy!

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We have had a truly wonderful March being re-open to the public and it has been wonderful meeting lots of first time visitors and getting to catch up with so many familiar faces!
Its already April and the Easter holidays are here! Cant believe how fast the time is whipping by.
The garden is bursting with Spring buds and flowering plants, some of which are very early this year due to the warmer weather. The early flowering Azaleas are already showing off some vivid colours and the white cherry blossom is just nearing the end of its stunning annual bloom, whereas the pink cherry is just opening its fluffy, candy-floss coloured blossoms now.
The large leaf, Japanese Rhododendron is still showcasing its amazing flowers and I can’t help photographing it every time I come in to the garden.
Many of the Japanese maples are already in leaf giving the garden a pop of colour in places where many branches have been bare for winter. There are over a hundred varieties of Japanese maple in the garden and some are faster to unfurl their new leaves, so there will be many, many more to come yet!
We have also had a photo shoot in the garden this week – with a beautiful little ballerina!
Please enjoy viewing the pictures shot in the garden this week –
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This week has seen some fantastic new outdoor Bonsai arrivals including Mountain Pines, Cedrus Antlantica Glauas and some amazing contorted Japanese Larch which have all been re-potted and styled.
We have also had a collection of Japanese Maples arrive; including Acer Palmatum Deshojo and Senkaki (Sangukaku). Both species are currently budding and do not yet have their spring leaves – but i won’t be long until they are covered with beautiful foliage. The Deshojo is famous for its bright pink/red spring leaves and the colour is so vibrant, and rich in tone, that it tends to catch the eye.
The Senkaki has a vivid red bark, which already looks quite spectacular, but will contrast beautifully with the green foliage it will soon unfurl.
The Mountain pines are compact, small needle conifers which thrive in the outdoor english climate and have been potted in to a variety of pots to suit various budgets. Some look like landscapes with rocks and moss giving a wonderful scale to the Bonsai itself.
The Cedrus Atlantica Glauca are tiny needle, blue colour conifers that are just perfect for Bonsai due to their foliage size and hardy nature. We have just a few of these now potted up for sale.
Finally our Japanese Larch have been potted and styled in a variety of pots to suit various budgets and some have been wired for style too.
It is looking very full in our Outdoor Bonsai Section at the moment!
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As we approach the latter part of March; the garden is bursting with life in many beautiful forms!
The cherry blossom is opening and looks magnificent with its white, fluffy petals daintily hanging from the branches.
At the entrance to our car park the Mount Fuji cherry frames our sign with its stunning blossom. The cherry trees are blooming early compared to last year which reminds me of just how ever-changing the garden is; never being identical in timing or form from one year to another. It makes the place always mysterious somehow and ready to surprise me time and again.
Our Koi carp are now showing off their bright colours and moving gracefully in the pond with the warmer weather heating up the water and making the fish feel a bit more lively.
More of the Azaleas are opening up and I am seeing more buds swelling on the later bloomers too.
We have had a mixture of weather lately with showers of rain and even hailstones being broken up with beautiful, warm sunshine and the garden seems to be loving the mixture!
Please enjoy seeing the pictures from this weeks shoot below –
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