September has seen lots of rain and wind so far, which has brought on the beginning of the leaves falling and the colours just starting their transition in to their autumn colours.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year as the energy in the garden changes from the excitement of summer in to a more peaceful, relaxed season. As the leaves change colour in to some of the most vivid tones; we also see leaves letting go from their branches and dropping to the ground. It feels symbolic of the energy of the garden; letting go of all stresses as we enter autumn.

Today we are seeing beautiful sunshine and i grabbed my camera for a few photos this morning.

The light is gorgeous today and with all the rain we had over the last couple of days we are seeing shiny leaves and water droplets clinging to the foliage.

The pond water is becoming beautifully clear and the Koi are swimming slowly around the water – i could watch them for hours!

We had a delivery of Japanese White Pines last week which we have re-potted and styled and they are now out for sale in our Nursery areas.

Please enjoy viewing photos of the garden this week and our new white pines below:


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We are looking for a friendly, positive individual who is used to working in a customer focused environment and is able to provide second-to-none customer service. An interest in horticulture and Bonsai would be desirable.


Working in a team you will play an active role in providing a positive customer experience and driving sales whilst maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the shop.

The key role of this position will be delivering customer service in our retail shop. The successful applicant must be able to work individually as well as working well in a team.

The successful candidate must have the following qualities:

  • Trustworthy
  • Socialable & Friendly demeanor
  • Punctual
  • Hard-working & pro-active
  • Willing to go the extra mile
  • Flexible

Position hours: 8 hours guaranteed a week. With the potential for more hours. Temporary contract until October 2018. £7.70 per hour

The Japanese Garden is open seasonally from 1st March until 31st October every year.

If you’d like to apply please drop a CV into store so you can say hi!

Or email it to us:

Cover letters welcome, let us know why you would be right for the position and a bit about yourself.

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you,


Natalie & Stuart

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This month has seen an abundance of growing for all the plants in the garden. We have seen the Japanese Maples reaching their freshly formed foliage into pathways and Azaleas stretching their new growth upwards towards the sunshine.
The weather has been cooling over the last few weeks and some of the trees have begun showing very early signs of autumn; some with their colours beginning their transformation and others dropping the first of their leaves. This is very early, but does mean that we might see the spectacular colour change a bit earlier than last year! As last year it was late, only seeing the full splendour in October.
The Koi carp have been lively as they are now in the process of breeding and one jumped out of the water whilst i was visiting the garden today – but sadly i wasn’t quick enough to catch it on camera!
Many turquoise coloured damsel flies were flitting around the water with their vivid blue catching my eye as they zipped by.
Today was a glorious sunny, summer day, and we have had lots of visitors through our doors with smiles on their faces – which has been so, so lovely to see.
The response from visitors has been wonderful with many people saying they have felt so relaxed after their walk around.
My visit today was in the late afternoon, so i got to see the light as it becomes golden for the end of the day – and as i am not the gardener – i always love getting the chance to walk around the garden and admire all the hard work that goes in to keeping it so beautiful!
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The garden has been bursting with life and growing very quickly as it always does at this time of year!
We have been busy with our maintenance; pruning, shaping and styling many of the plants in the garden, not to mention pulling out weeds that appear almost overnight!
I got the chance to wonder the garden this morning and the sun came out during my visit; which was lovely.
We have had lots of rain this month, interspersed with bouts of beautiful sunshine. The garden has been loving the warm temperatures and the abundance of water, with plants shooting up and out with new growth.
As the summer holidays have now arrived, we have been meeting lots of little budding gardeners some only 5 years old who have brought their parents to visit us! I grew up surrounded by plants and Bonsai and i always love meeting children who share this passion from such a young age!
The garden is now at its full summer colour pallet; with greens dominating in a variety of shades and red, purple and yellow leaves jumping out of the landscape.
Its a time of growing and high energy in the garden at this time of year and you can feel a sense of movement in the plants as the breeze gentle rocks the foliage and everything is growing with such speed.
I watched the Koi swim quickly around the pond as i stood on the bridge today; the females look ready to burst with their pregnant bellies and the males follow them keenly awaiting for the eggs that i suspect will soon arrive.
I also enjoyed watching some gorgeous little damsel flies flitting around the plants near the water in the most vivid shade of blue and turquoise.
Hopefully we will continue to get some sunshine in between these showers for the next few weeks of summer!
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July is here!

The weather has been pretty beautiful for the last few days; with the sun shining and temperatures getting up high.

Yesterday i got the chance to walk around the garden and soak up some much needed relaxation! The colours are looking glorious; with the Japanese maples now displaying their full summer shades. The summer season brings with it an abundance of growing and plants stretch out as much as they can to soak up the sunlight. This means lots of pruning and shaping for the gardeners but it also brings an energy to the garden that is special to this season. The feeling of summer is one of joy, and when the sun is shining it is hard to not smile.

During my little walk around yesterday, i felt a sense of calm wash over me as i listened to the waterfall and watched the Koi swimming in the pond. The intense sunshine has given rise to an algae bloom in the pond; but this is a yearly occurrence and the fish seem to love the extra food!

I was amazed to see some of our azaleas STILL flowering; as this is late in the season, even for our late bloomers. The pink flowers are pickling a couple of bushes even now and the green foliage is merged with reds, pinks and orange tones of the acer leaves.

Stu and I would like to thank everyone who has visited us recently and given us such wonderful feedback from the garden! It has been lovely to hear and it makes all the hard work worthwhile to see so many people touched by this place


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