July is here!

The weather has been pretty beautiful for the last few days; with the sun shining and temperatures getting up high.

Yesterday i got the chance to walk around the garden and soak up some much needed relaxation! The colours are looking glorious; with the Japanese maples now displaying their full summer shades. The summer season brings with it an abundance of growing and plants stretch out as much as they can to soak up the sunlight. This means lots of pruning and shaping for the gardeners but it also brings an energy to the garden that is special to this season. The feeling of summer is one of joy, and when the sun is shining it is hard to not smile.

During my little walk around yesterday, i felt a sense of calm wash over me as i listened to the waterfall and watched the Koi swimming in the pond. The intense sunshine has given rise to an algae bloom in the pond; but this is a yearly occurrence and the fish seem to love the extra food!

I was amazed to see some of our azaleas STILL flowering; as this is late in the season, even for our late bloomers. The pink flowers are pickling a couple of bushes even now and the green foliage is merged with reds, pinks and orange tones of the acer leaves.

Stu and I would like to thank everyone who has visited us recently and given us such wonderful feedback from the garden! It has been lovely to hear and it makes all the hard work worthwhile to see so many people touched by this place


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They have arrived!
Our named variety acres are here at last!
We have a fantastic collection of Japanese Maples now in stock including the following named varieties:
Little Princess
Autumn Moon
Asahi Zuru
Beni Komachi
Beni Maiko
Beni Schichihenge
Orange Dream
Dissectum Atro Purpureum
Sharps Pigmy
Wilsons Pink Dwarf
Komon Nishiki
Tennyo No Hoshi
Sagara Nishiki
Every variety is unique and beautiful! All the above varieties are priced at £17.50 each.
We also have a small selection of Mikawa Yatsabusa Bonsai priced at £25 each.
Our £5 Atro Purpureum saplings and £7.50 Acer Palmatums are still for sale and we have plenty in stock.
Most of the named variety Japanese Maples we have bought in 10 of each variety, so if there is one you are desperately looking for, best to come see us soon as they will go fast!
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Well it has been a busy few weeks here at the Japanese Garden and we have had all sorts of weather; including a storm that took down a couple of trees, and the glorious summer sunshine we are having today!

The garden is flourishing with the Japanese Maples is full summer splendour and many of the Azaleas still mustering some beautiful pink blossoms. The spring colours are now being overtaken by their summer shades and the intense sunshine is helping them along.

Today i got a chance to walk the garden to take some photos and it was wonderful. Its been several weeks since i got the chance to visit and i have missed being in there!

Today the sun was bursting through the leaves of the maples and the foliage looked like it was glowing. The reds, greens and oranges look radiant when i look up through the canopy and although there is plenty of shade offered in the garden with all the big trees; when i stand in the sunlight i feel the heat on my skin. It is like a mid summer day!

We have had lots of deliveries this week – bringing some new outdoor statues, which look stunning and a large delivery of succulents too!

Our grafted Acer delivery has been delayed until this week – but we have been promised by our supplier that they will be on their way by the end of next week – so by next weekend (fingers crossed) they should be here! I will of course blog some pictures as soon as they arrive.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely warm weather and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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This week has seen a lot of changing weather; with scattered showers mixed with warm sunny spells, we have had many visitors borrowing umbrellas and many not needing them at all!
I took a walk down the garden today and i felt like the cobwebs had been blown away by the breeze flowing through the valley. The maples are looking so beautiful , with their variety of colours and the rich tones of springtime.
There are a few azaleas still blossoming and even some budded and waiting to flourish in the next week or so.
The lillies are now showing off their superb white blooms over the pond and the gorgeous, purple iris adds a pop of colour to the pond’s edge.
The wisteria, arched over a walkway, is dangling its stunning purple flowers and many of the petals are covering the ground beneath it.
There is a feeling of freshness in the garden this week; as the showers of rain add a lushness to the leaves and plants look full of vitality after the rain.
It won’t be long now until summer is truly here, and the garden’s energy is shifting towards the summer vibe already.
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What a busy week it has been here at The Japanese Garden! We have seen lots of friendly faces, which has been wonderful!
I spent some time wondering around the garden today, and i found myself transfixed by all the maples which are now in full leaf and showing off their superb colours.
There are so many maple varieties in the garden and each has it’s own unique beauty.
Colour is still in abundance with my eye being caught by pinks, purples and red flowers from the azaleas. There are many varieties of azalea and they flower at different times, so many are just coming up to bloom, where as others are now already past.
Today i only had a few minutes to wonder the paths and take a few pictures, but i feel relaxed by the time i come out.
We have also had a few superb Bonsai arrive this week which are now styling; to create some truly show-stopping trees!
Our new ‘Outdoor Bonsai’ section has been re-opened to the public and is now full of beautiful Bonsai.
Wont be long now until our grafted acer delivery will be here! Watch this space.
Please check out photos from this week, shown below –
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F a c e b o o k
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